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General feedback. IMPORTANT

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General feedback. IMPORTANT Empty General feedback. IMPORTANT

Post by Admin on Mon Nov 16, 2015 9:48 am

Please make sure you are reading the documents in BlackBoard and reviewing the lectures. So far, the posts have been really interesting but only a few actually complied with what was being asked. Many of you tend to summarise the plot and although that is needed, you need to go beyond that for your script report, which will be your second assignment.

Make sure you create your characters at least taking into account slides 4 and 5 from week 2, which are about Blake Snyder's Save the Cat and Syd Fields' The Foundations of Screenwriting. It is just 4-5 points but these are fundamental for building a good character. You often summarise your character in relation to what s/he does in the plot and his or her starting point , but you need to go beyond that and make sure there is conflict, that you are making the character interesting, that it is not flat, etc.

Make sure you identify the plot events in relation to the structure. You have been all discussing the plot and indicating "what happened" but you have not reflected on how that event has built the structure and whether this structure follows a three act or not.

Finally, make sure you understand the conventions of the genre and use them without falling in clichés. Make sure you understand the difference between convention and cliché, you can find a summary in the powerpoint, do not rely on the internet for the definition and the differences between the two because it often puts them together as one thing.

Formatting has to be right, make sure you use a scriptwriting software or learn by heart the formatting conventions. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT put camera instructions.

Make sure you have read the module guide and understand how you are going to be marked. This is very important.

Good luck!


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