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Post by Admin on Mon Nov 16, 2015 2:04 pm

ClellAllen wrote:Short Film: Clear


She was born in Liverpool, England; (to British parents); though her grandparents came from Malta and Germany. She had a comfortable childhood, though as she grew up, the underlying relationship between her Mother and Father became much more complicated as she entered adolescence. She is 18 years of age, and studying at college. She often has issues with her relationships with other women and she suffers with a lack of self-confidence. She can be very emotional when it comes to her friendships with the same sex. This makes her appear vulnerable, which further adds to her lack of self-confidence. She smokes occasionally and drinks often.

Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland to Irish parents, moved to England during his childhood with his family. Still retains his accent, though it is not very harsh or strong. He is a friendly type, likeable and honest. Very much a people person, and adores being the centre of attention. He loves his football and works in retail. We see more of him as the story goes on.

This a short film about the 'skeletons' and secrets that people keep. In modern-day Liverpool, Isabelle meets a man not much older than herself named Charlie at her brother's funeral; Charlie tells her that he knew her brother her brother very well. When Isabelle asks her family if they had ever known a Charlie, they say that they have never heard of him before. Isabelle runs into Charlie again. They get to know each other and eventually become involved. Somehow, it turns out that Charlie murdered her brother, though I haven't figured that out yet.

It sounds like a good start, although there are a few things you need to figure out, as you well said at the end. I liked that you have introduced the characters with more details than just what he or she does in the plot, this helps to understand their choices, dialogues and attitudes. You need to figure out what is your plot structure and the chain of events. Try to work on your summary using Snyder's suggestion, which I posted in a reply above.


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